Agarbatti usage is growing around the world particularly in the US, South America, Canada and in parts of Europe in the West, while being firmly entrenched in the Middle East, countries of the sub-Continent, South Asia and the Far East.

Export market for Metromilan incense sticks is a major, fast growing area of business. Acknowledging its significance, Metro Agarbatti Company has established a separate Company by the name of “International Fragrance Corporation”, operating from Karachi Export Processing Zone (KEPZ), to focus upon export development of Metromilan popular brands – having their footprint in over 60 countries around the world.

As the largest incense-sticks producing Company in Pakistan for four decades, Metro Agarbatti Company is also the recipient of “The Fulham Geissler American Award for Quality” which speaks of the company’s commitment to high quality and responsibility towards customers worldwide.

What Metro Agarbatti Company has been able to achieve in Pakistan, International Fragrance Corporation aspires to achieve in the rest of the world, which is to hold a unique position in the lives of the people through developing and distributing its popular and new fragrances worldwide.

We are currently developing new partnerships and relationships with channel partners (Importers and Distributors) who would go on to become an important part of our Incense development strategy for Incense users. We have a reassuring past, formidable present and an exciting future in further serving the Incense users the world over.


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